Sarah Susan

When I was about seven-years-old, my mother rewarded me for conquering my thumbsucking addiction by purchasing for me the toy of my dreams—a Lite Brite. This gorgeous plastic trapezoid, along with a coveted box of 64 Crayolas with metallic colors and a built-in sharpener, sealed my fate as an artist. Now, my Lite Brite is a twenty-one-inch iMac that displays more hues than there are stars in the heavens. I cannot even count my blessings.

The artists of the Italian Renaissance embraced technology to create new marvels. Their love of design extended to the natural world, human anatomy, optics, architectural engineering, and machinery. I believe artists today can and should do the same.

As an artist who codes, I confess the learning curve was steep, but more than worth it. I once painted pictures—now I type them. But whether I'm using Crayola or JavaScript, I make sure my audience is front and center.

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