Website banner image promoting Foster Care month.
Front End Coding
VRWP Virtually Guided RSW Weldability Prediction Coded Application Interface
Content Writing
View of blog post on Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County website.
Graphic Design
Volunteers Wanted Postcard: Side 1
Event Promotion
Save the Date card for Cooking For A Cause event
Logo for Wayne State University School of Engineering CInDI lab
Data Visualization
Data visualization for Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County annual report
Tiger shark in a coral reef with an F-20 Tigershark plane flying above it.
Design Evaluation for Reusable Medical Equipment Infographic
April Child Abuse Prevention Campaign
Website Design
Revised Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club homepage, using 'dominant photo.
Digital painting of Mister Rogers with a hand puppet and a Superman 'S' on his shirt.


Middle English from Greek epiphainein to reveal.

A vision in which

every piece is essential.


Middle French fidélité from Latin fidelis faithful, true.

The conviction that truth has no alternative.


Old French curios inquisitive, from Latin cura to care.

The desire to grow and change.